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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Six more weeks without my Pentax 300mm lens...

While I was trudging around Cockley Cley yesterday, the tripod mount on my Pentax DA 300mm f/4 ED lens broke again! The 'shoe' that the monopod / tripod screws into has two tiny cast alloy lugs to hold it in place on the moveable ring: for the second time in three months this has failed during normal use. Back to Wex today!

The warranty has around six months to run, but I'm really concerned what happens if the mount breaks again after this period: I'll end up with a hefty bill, no doubt.

Astonishingly no-one seems to sell the small shoe: it couldn't cost more than twenty quid, so if I found a supplier, I'd buy a couple!. Does anyone out there know where a replacement can be obtained?

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