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Friday 2 August 2019

Heathlands Social Club refurbishment!

Every Thursday has, for over ten years, been the venue for many an excellent musical evening. The 'core musicians' who attend the majority of these jams are Lenny and Jane Turner, Chris & Jann Gray, ace bassist Colin Roberts, myself and, latterly, Garth Coupland. On some evenings in the past, over twenty others have come along: at times there has been such a large group that each singer might only have time for two or three numbers! Things have changed and it's most often just half a dozen of us: but that has an obvious advantage - we know each other's songs so well that we are playing at performance level most of the time. Terrific to hear Garth's virtuoso harmonica playing on L & J's country offerings, while I tend to handle the blues and rock. We all get on really well and it'll be sad when Chris and Jann move to Scotland in the near future.

Last night was a really great evening, with interpretations of songs by Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Clapton, Stones, Beatles, Dave Edmunds Quo and many others. Heathlands has been completely redecorated and remodelled: a terrific place to spend an evening!

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