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Thursday, 15 August 2019

Survey at Hemblington Church: hundreds of dragonflies!

Today was the monthly wildlife survey at Hemblington Church, carried out by Linda, Joyce Burtenshaw, Sue Rowe and myself. Very few birds other than the usual Blue Tits, Buzzards and gulls, but the churchyard was full of dragonflies sheltering from the strong north-westerly wind. Most abundant were Migrant Hawkers: I counted 85 in one 'sweep' along the western hedge. Lots of Ruddy and Common Darters and just a couple of Southern Hawkers for good measure.

Plenty of butterflies, too: these were mostly Small White, but there were Large Whites, Gatekeepers, Red Admirals and a very faded and tatty Painted Lady. Some gorgeous bees enjoying the wildflower meadow, including lots of Honey Bees, Red-tailed and (so I'm told) Carder Bees. I know next to nothing about hoverflies, but there were plenty of those as well!

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