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Monday, 21 June 2021

Bee-eaters in Great Yarmouth

Linda and I have been busy all day, so didn't look at the pager until mid-afternoon: when we did, we discovered that a flock of Bee-eaters had been feeding from wires at the back of the Gapton Hall estate for several days. We dropped everything and went, pausing only to see if Sue & Peter wanted to come with us: they were busy, unfortunately.

After a short walk and some re-orientation, we found a small gallery enjoying somewhat distant views of four of the gorgeous birds. I recognized virtually everyone we met: good to see Penny C looking good and making the most of a day off.

After a while, only a single bird remained, so we wandered back to the car, only to find Peter & Sue arriving! We walked back with them, but unfortunately the flock had just flown off south. (Frustratingly for P & S they later returned!)

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