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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Roller in Suffolk!

As I was looking at the Bee-eaters in Gt Yarmouth (having just seen two Black-winged Stilts) I remarked to one of the other birders "All we need now is a Roller!" Well within a day, the deed suited the word!

This morning (despite a negative report on the pager) Linda and I sped south through the roadworks and upside down lorries, arriving at Lackford soon after 9.00am. It took a frustrating few minutes to find a safe - and legal - parking spot, but eventually we were enjoying views of yet another Mediterranean visitor - only my second UK Roller! The gallery included all the better-known faces and the behaviour was impeccable.

We watched this delightful vagrant for twenty minutes or so, but decided to do the noble thing, moving off so new arrivals could use our parking place. 

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