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Monday, 25 July 2016

Around and about - but no Lesser Emperor..

Linda and I took a drive out to Filby for an hour's hunt for the reported Lesser Emperor. Plenty of other nice insects in the woods, but no sign of the rare one! This would be the third year in a row I've seen a Lesser Emperor at this site: one can only assume the species is breeding there. Several Common Terns and a big Sparrowhawk flew around the Broad, while a strange bird-call puzzled Linda and I for some time without resolution: it sounded like a very loud woodpecker 'Chip chip chip' followed by a Garden Warbler song snatch. Most strange.

On the way home we detoured to check out some other spots: better shots of the Willow Emeralds at Strumpshaw, as well as Green-veined White and other bits and pieces. At home, our Buddleia continues to attract butterflies, but only singles: not a great year....

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