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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Go Pokemon-ing!

My elder daughter Jane visited Norwich this weekend: Linda and I met her for supper last night to celebrate her birthday.
She lives in the north of England and only rarely visits Norwich, so after we'd eaten, she asked if we fancied a walk around the city, it being a beautiful, balmy evening.

As we walked around, I couldn't help but notice that almost every other person was holding up a mobile phone: I asked Jane what was going on. To explain, she took out her I-phone and, to my amazement, revealed that the street in front was populated by 3-D Pok√©mon characters!

I shan't bore you with the game-play details, but (as the owner of a £10 Tesco's mobile!) I was astonished by the amazing complexity and entertainment-value of this free app. I commented that it seemed a shame for there to be another reason for young people to bury their faces in a device screen, but Jane pointed out that this pastime, like urban orienteering, encourages its followers to be out and about in the fresh air!

I shan't be buying an android anytime soon, but, as someone who 'collected' every Elephant, Gorilla and Dragon, I can at least say I understand the attraction!

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