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Friday, 22 July 2016

White-faced Darter at Dunwich?

In a previous post I mentioned the unusual Darter sp. that I found perched by Docwra's Ditch (a chain of small pools to the south of the Heath itself.)

Although I immediately noticed the pale cream face and claret-coloured eyes - and suggested White-faced Darter to my companions Brian & Norman - I wanted advice from someone with experience of the species. Who better than Dragonfly-doyen Adrian Riley? I sent Adrian my best picture (the insect always presented the same 'view' when it perched unfortunately, and was always somewhat distant)

While commenting that an image of the dragonfly's back would have resolved matters, he e-mailed me today to say:

"Hi David! OK mate: the image you sent points straight to White-faced Darter"

Wow! This is one of the rarest dragons on the East Anglian list! Massive thanks to Adrian for his advice: if you don't make frequent use of his 'Bugalert' website, you're missing out on a fantastic resource!

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