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Monday, 18 July 2016

The best place in East Norfolk to watch dragonflies?

Just off the A47 by the new 'spaghetti junction' at Postwick is a little café with a terrace overlooking a small lake: perhaps unsurprisingly it's called the Waterside Café. At this time of year, this splendid little eatery is an outstanding place to see - and photograph - dragonflies, with a few interesting birds thrown in for good measure!

Today, while enjoying a croissant and large Americano, I counted five Emperor Dragonflies, including ovipositing females. Other species that zipped across the stickleback-filled water included Norfolk and Brown Hawkers, Common Darter as well as several different damselflies. Bird interest was provided by Green Woodpecker, Reed Warbler and Heron, while Grey Wagtails are not infrequent!

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