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Friday, 26 August 2016

A visit to WEX!

Whether my long-suffering wife Linda feels I've shown patience and restraint during the past week's carpet-laying, door hanging, garden clearing etc, or whether she thought I deserved a treat, today she bought me a welcome addition to my photographic armoury!

A run out to Hellesdon was rewarded with a lens I've wanted for some time: a 300 f4 prime. This one is the Pentax DA, to which I added a Pentax 1.4 converter. Initial impressions are, to say the least, very favourable: the autofocus is silent, quick and smooth and (given today's bright sunlight) I found I could get good crisp images at 800 ISO and f5.6. Can't wait to field test the combo: these photos were taken with my KS2 through a grimy window at a range of around 30 feet.

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