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Monday, 29 August 2016

Having a play with the new gear!

It goes without saying that Linda didn't walk away from WEX without a few toys for herself!  She already has a Night Vision 'scope and an IR camera, to which she added a Bushnell remote camera on our recent visit. Like all new equipment, this has taken a bit of getting used to, but already Linda has discovered that numerous hedgehogs, cats and (on one occasion) rats enjoy an early morning feed. Hopefully we can add to this list as the year rolls on.

Meanwhile, I've discovered that my new 1.4 converter also gives good results with the Sigma 150 - 500 zoom: I was able to take recognisable photographs of some House Martins at a range of over 500 metres! I attach other shots taken with the two lenses ( 300 prime and 500 zoom ) as well as a pair of Blackbird shots taken in RAW and JPEG for comparison.

Shot in JPEG

Shot in RAW

500mm zoom & 1.4 CR

Martins (500mm zoom & 1.4 CR)

300mm prime, 1.4 CR shot in RAW

300mm prime, 1.4 CR shot in JPEG

300mm prime, 1.4 CR shot in JPEG

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