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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Ambivalent emotions!

I've been keeping an eye open ever since the Hawk & Owl Trust posted that there is a group of three Vultures soaring in the Norfolk skies today. While I was working in my office I was aware of a shadow moving across the window: I grabbed a camera and ran out, only to find a Grey Heron circling over our little pond!

For five or six years we've had a pair of Ghost Koi that have gradually grown to about half a pound in weight and which are more or less hand tame. Now I enjoyed seeing the Heron (it was really close when I first saw it!) but on the other hand I've become fond of the carp (and the shoal of Orfe with which they share their home.)

At the moment I think the Heron would struggle to spot the fish: there's a lot of overhanging marginal. In the winter, though, I might have to resort to a chicken wire cover...

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