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Monday, 5 September 2016

Not rare, but unusual in our garden: GSW and Merlin

Surrounded by farmland as we are, the few large trees in our garden and that of our friends and neighbours Sue and Peter often attract birds more usually associated with woodland and parks. Over the years our Sycamore and their Oak have hosted Spotted Flycatcher, Turtle Dove, Tawny Owl and Redstart. Today a female Great Spotted Woodpecker fed in the leafless crown of the Oak for ten minutes or so, allowing me to give the new lens another try-out. Bearing in mind that the tree is over 30m away, I reckon the pictures aren't too shabby!

Then, just after I'd typed this, I looked back at the woodie (still tapping away!) in time to see a Merlin tazz by: a garden tick!


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