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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Even further for even less!

Norman and Mike (another Strumpshaw regular) picked me up at 7.15 for another bash at the migrants: this time on the east coast.

Starting off at Winterton, we walked both the North and South Dunes, with only Small Copper, Hobby and Buzzard as definite rewards for our efforts. Lots of Stonechats and chiff-willows, as well as tantalising glimpses of an almost certain Yellow-browed Warbler below the Hermanus. Another teaser was a chunky, dove-grey warbler feeding on fruit in the same area. Its apparently broad bill made us think of Barred Warbler, but looking at the photos it seems more like a Garden Warbler. One curious occurrence: we were followed along the 'southern valley' by a large drone: no sign of the operator. I thought it was illegal to fly these large craft over public areas.

A move to Waxham added only Brent Goose to the day's tally, while a walk around Hickling - while pleasant in the Autumn sun - gave us just the usual egrets and waterfowl. One spot of colour was a mint-fresh Painted Lady...

So: nine miles in three different locations for little sign of any migration. Let's hope things pick up soon!

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