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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Reeve's Pheasant: back for better views!

Firstly a word of warning! These birds are very skulking and hard to see: they disappear in a flash if they see you, so be stealthy! Lovely creatures, even if they are reintroduced every year. When you think about it, there are probably more of these living in the wild in the UK than either Golden or Lady Ams': definitely worth seeing, whatever...

A quick walk around with Justin L indicated that the Ibis has probably gone (I have photos of it departing yesterday morning!) but that at least two Whinchats remain. Also present was yesterday's juvenile chat: Ian R (the Manager of the entire Yare Valley complex, who I kept calling Tim!) was happy that it is a Stonechat, as was Justin: it goes without saying that I concur!

Today I managed to find and photograph a Willow Emerald along the riverbank: they are spreading rapidly...

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