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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Glossy Ibis - again!

With the winds in the wrong direction for anything new to drift across from Scandinavia, I decided on a walk around the Fen. Hardly anyone was around: Tower Hide was completely empty. As I opened a shutter, I was thrilled to find that the Glossy Ibis was right in front, feeding amongst the tangle of twigs that Black-headed Gulls often nest in. Needless to say, some decent photo-ops presented themselves as this gorgeous juvenile stalked the shrinking pool margins, occasionally flying from one area to another. Lots of Snipe and Ruff were on the island and at least four different Kingfishers whirred across the scrape. A really nice guy from Happisburgh joined me to chat and enjoy the birds: we carried on around to the railway crossing, where he quickly located a Willow Emerald right by the path. Overhead a flight of four F15s flew low south west towards Lakenheath...

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