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Saturday, 14 January 2017


Today was my 66th birthday: bitter-sweet, of course, since I've been resting on the sofa all day, rather than being out in the field. Linda and I enjoyed a  teensy bit of Chinese food and a glass of lemonade to celebrate!

Linda had booked a brilliant two-day birding stay at a posh hotel on the North Coast: looking at the photos of poor old Cley and Salthouse, it's perhaps just as well we were forced to postpone. With luck we'll have another bash next weekend or the one after.

Meanwhile I'll do everyone a favour by fore-going the temptation to give daily medical updates: suffice it to say: many, many thanks to the literally hundreds of people who have phoned / FB'd / pm-ed and e-mailed  to express concern and good wishes: it means more than you can imagine...

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