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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Brief visit to Strumpshaw

Following yet another visit to the Dr's for more tests, I fancied a short walk around the Fen: I knew the two Brians would be there and anticipated some badinage with these two great characters.

I bumped into Brian T on the sandy path, and we walked to Fen Hide together: Brian S and 'blonde Liz' were already settled in and had seen Kingfisher and Bittern. I saw nothing, apart from a few Marsh Harriers, so we made the muddy walk to Tower Hide. On the way we heard - and then saw - a pair of Bullfinches. Only the female allowed a few record shots, but still: a year tick!

Not much else to report apart from a striking Greylag / Canada hybrid: I think I've seen it before at Buckenham.

While I was typing this something crashed into the office window: looking out, I found myself in eye-to-eye contact with a dapper little male Sparrowhawk. Sad to report it was clutching 'our' Pied Wagtail 😢. Needless to say, as I slowly moved my hand towards a camera, it tazzed off across the garden, while a Rook looked on with apparent interest!

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