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Friday, 27 January 2017

Unusual garden visitors...

Still stuck at home with my antibiotics, so it was nice to have a long visit from Paul, my oldest friend and bass-player of the last gigging band I was with (Serious Risk) The third picture is him playing an SR gig at - I think - The Brickmakers in Norwich.

Today two Common Gulls spent most of the morning either perched in the Oak at the end of our garden or feeding on suet that Linda had scattered on the lawn. Common Gulls (despite the name!) are certainly not that common here on the Heath: Black-headed Gulls are ten times as regular visitors to the garden!

Tomorrow I'm wrapping up warmly and helping (?) at the Garden Birdwatch event at Hemblingon Church. It would be good to beat last year's total, but somehow I doubt that it will happen!


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