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Thursday, 12 January 2017


Due to a combination of four factors:
1) The acute demand for ward-beds
2) My - apparent - almost unparalleled response to the anti-biotic cluster-bombs I've been receiving
3) The presence at home of a very caring wife
4) The demonstrated ability to go to the toilet!
I was thrilled and amazed to be released home late this afternoon! Despite a nightmare journey to escape the carpark, we were back home in time for tea and toast!

I'm still as weak as the proverbial kitten, and have some way to go to remove the pneumonia, but it's great to be home with Linda. I must thank the very many people who expressed good wishes on here and by e-mail: it has been literally hundreds! Many, many thanks to all: I feel suitably humble...

Incredible gratitude to the scores of nurses who cheerily probed, dosed and watered me during my stay: they were wonderful!

Especially commiserations to best chum, neighbour and local first responder Sue, who had to endure sights no-one of a delicate disposition should have to endure while she helped comfort (and assess) the quivering blob lying half-naked on the bathroom floor until the ambulance arrived!

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