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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Mautby blank!

Linda suggested a drive out to Mautby to look for the long-staying Hooded Crow - just to get me out of the house, really!
We found the 'pig fields' without any trouble, and the area was alive with corvids and larids. Sadly, the one we were interested in failed to show, but there were plenty of dips to hide in and pig huts to lurk behind, so I imagine it was there somewhere!

We spent over an hour viewing the fields from various vantage points but the only photo op. was provided by a neatly-marked Buzzard that alighted in a distant tree for a second or two.

Back in the garden, the four Jays were up to their tricks again: here's a photo of the gang leader chucking peanuts down to his three cronies!

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