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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Beans at Buckenham Marshes and another good ISS pass.

 I met Brian at Strumpshaw for our usual five-mile walk, starting off with an hour in the frozen Fen Hide. We did manage to catch glimpses of both Bittern and Kingfisher, but, apart from some showy Chinese Water Deer there was little else at which to point a camera. We decided to walk round to Buckenham where almost the first bird we saw was a very pale Buzzard, which I reckon looks quite good for a Rough-legged...  As we approached the 'hide', we met old chum Mike, returning from a trek along the river bank. He confirmed that a few Taiga Beans were in their usual spot and kindly came with us so we could use his 'scope. Very distant, but (through the telescope) quite obviously Bean Geese. A Cetti's Warbler was calling frequently and allowing occasional glimpses, while flocks of Pink-feet and Wigeon streamed overhead.

After I took my leave of Brian back at the Fen, a friendly lepidopterist was kind enough to point out the egg of a White-letter Hairstreak (The little 'flying saucer' just above his thumbnail!)

Tonight is the first realistic opportunity of seeing Comet 46P Wirtanen: if I manage to get some pictures I'll put them up in the morning. If you want to look for it, it will be a little fuzzy green ball to the right of the constellation Taurus. Meanwhile, the ISS passed over again, allowing a couple of long-exposure images.

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