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Thursday, 5 December 2019


I hate having colds: in the past I would respond to the basic instinct that a good long walk in the fresh air would put things right. Two years ago, however, this approach led to a protracted hospital stay with double pneumonia, so I tend to be a little more cautious these days!

So (apart from a brief car drive to see the Eagle Owl on Tuesday) I've stayed in the office and got on with responding to the increasing daily pre-Christmas meteorite orders.

That's not to say there hasn't been things to look at from the office windows: Pink-footed Geese pass over the garden every day going to and from their feeding grounds at Buckenham, while Jays, Starlings, Magpies and Sparrowhawks are frequent visitors to the feeders. It's been amusing to see the rapid turn-over of potential winter residents in the 'owl' box: currently a Grey Squirrel has set up home, but has twice been displaced by Jackdaws!

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