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Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Barry Madden's friendly listing challenge

Barry - well known author, birder and volunteer at Norfolk's NWT reserves - hosts a beautifully-produced blog: WingSearch 2020. A couple of years ago he threw down the challenge among his birding acquaintances to see if anyone could record 220 birds in a year. That proved to be a rather easily achievable target (I've managed 220+ every year for a decade: twice Linda and I achieved 300+, during the period when we made and sold rare bird videos.)

However: last year (with fuel costs and lockdowns) I failed to reach 200, despite some amazing encounters. This year, however, I passed 200 by the end of July, with short breaks in Devon and Sussex still to come. Before anyone messages me: I know there are serious year listers out there who passed 200 birds before Easter: but I rarely leave Norfolk and Suffolk these days and certainly had no desire to twitch Eleanora's or even Great Reed Warbler: also, commitments with the new band restrict my birding excursions...

Anyhow: this is Barry's published league table at the end of June: interesting to conjecture where my current total of 201 places me on July's list!

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