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Tuesday, 16 August 2022

One day late - again!

Missing 'interesting birds' by one day is becoming a bit of a habit: White-tailed Plover, Albatross and, today, Spotted Crake at Cley. This is almost entirely a function of preferring to go birding with long-time chums Norman and Brian: we are all generally free on a Tuesday and it is truly amazing how often weekend birds disappear on Monday! (I do wish RBA wouldn't 'buzz' me on the pager with a list of birds seen yesterday! Fair enough first thing in the morning, but to carry on into the afternoon is plain 'padding')

Still: the company is more than worth the odd dip, and - to be fair - we've caught up with a high percentage of the birds we do chase! Today Cley was pretty unproductive: a few Chiffies and a good variety of waders on Arnold's (Green and Wood Sands, BT Godwits, Whimbrel etc)

A stop at Hickling (before the thunder) was even less worthwhile - just a distant Water Rail.

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