Thursday, 8 November 2018

A very expensive Crossbill at Horsford!

Since it was a lovely morning and we had nothing in the diary, Linda and I took a run along the NDR to Horsford, quickly locating the St Faith's Common car park. No other birders were in evidence, so we wandered around this pleasant piece of heathland, checking out every stand of conifers for the reported Crossbill flock. In the event we saw a group of five and a single female 'chipping' overhead, as well as a Buzzard doing Goshawk impressions, chasing pigeons through the woodland.

Linda needed to pop across to Taverham Garden Centre to see if a plant she'd ordered had arrived: it hadn't, so - somewhat recklessly - we wandered into the marine fish section. Pure nostalgia for our two metre tank, of course, but we came away with a self-contained marine system! Watch this space!

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