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Friday, 9 November 2018

Crossbills at Horsford: back for seconds!

Since Linda and I had to go to Taverham to pick up some RO water for our new marine tank, we thought we'd drop in at St Faith's Common for another bash at the Crossbill flock. In the event Linda soon found a male perched high in a tree: the photos below show that it was a Common Crossbill. Leaving the small gallery, we wandered off to search a belt of conifers to the south. After a minute or two a flock of ten or twelve birds flew in from the west: significantly there were a couple of 'chups' among the 'chips'! Frustratingly the trees were full of finches and tits, so identifying even the Commons for a photo proved impossible. The flock flew from tree to tree over our heads for about twenty minutes, the distinct calls of at least two Parrots allowing them to be picked out.

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