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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

King Eider, Twite and much more on the North Coast

With nothing obvious to chase after, Brian, Norman and I decided to walk out from Blakeney Quay to see if we could find any winter finches.

After spending a few minutes enjoying the waterfowl in the pen by Blakeney Quay, we walked out t0 the usual metal gate, where Brian quickly found a flock of twenty or so Twite: once they'd settled on the fence we managed a few shots in poor light.

A move to Cley Beach failed to produce anything other than Gannets and the expected geese so, after coffee and scones, we carried on east to Sheringham. There had been no sign of the King Eider, so we strolled along the prom to the 'Mackerel' cafĂ©, being joined by two utterly charming visitors, 'D' and Debbie. While we were all enjoying close views of a confiding Purple Sandpiper, I was pleased to refind the Eider, miles out by the danbuoys.

Last port of call was Winterton where, after a long walk, we eventually found a flock of twenty or so Snow Buntings. A great day out!

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