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Monday, 19 November 2018

Twenty-four years today - and as happy as ever!

It's incredible to reflect on the fact that Linda and I have been married for 24 years: that is a year longer than we were married to our previous partners (On aggregate, therefore, we've been married for 47 years!)

We met at work but grew together through birding: we were fairly committed twitchers in those days and as a result both have life lists well over 400. I think our first long-distance twitches together were a Great Spotted Cuckoo at Shoreham, Sussex, the Chingford Naumann's Thrush (in the back garden of my first childhood house!) followed soon after by the first of several Scillonian pelagics. The picture below is of the pair of us having just had an Olive-backed pipit scuttle between our feet at Holkham Pines!

We're both still as keen on wildlife - and each other - as ever!

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