Monday, 5 November 2018

Photo list reaches 360!

I admit it: I'm 'old school' birding and still maintain a variety of personal lists, including UK life list, Norfolk list, Yare Valley List and year list. The patch lists are probably the ones that mean the most to me these days, since I only very rarely travel out of East Anglia to see a bird. Of course, Linda and I almost always holiday somewhere where we can enjoy a spot of birding - always within the UK - and enjoy catching up with species that are hard to see in our region.

One list that has grown in personal importance is that of the birds I have videoed or photographed: the recent King Eider at Sheringham brought the total to 360 (with the probable Stejneger's poised to become 361!) I should imagine long-time photographers like Steve G, Penny C and Julian B have photographed over 500 species in the UK, but considering how few miles I travel when birding, I reckon my list is quite healthy! Will I ever reach 400? Given my age and reluctance to drive for ten hours to see a Catbird, almost certainly not: but you never know!

My highlights would include Purple Swamphen, all three pratincoles, Sociable Plover, four American Gulls and Black & White Warbler in Norfolk (2!)

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