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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Christmas starts at Sandringham!

When you're getting on and separated from most of your friends and family by the C-19 restrictions, it's important to seize any 'legal' social opportunities that come along. So: when friends Sue & Peter suggested we meet them at Sandringham for a walk around the 'Luminate' son et lumiere, we immediately agreed! Since the total cloud cover prevented any chance of seeing the conjunction, it proved a good decision!

We drove in convoy to the delightful Ffolkes Hotel at Hillington, where we'd pre-booked dinner. (On the way Linda and I had close views of Buzzard, Peregrine and - most unexpected - a Goshawk on a roadside post!!) It was a somewhat strange experience sitting at separate, socially-distanced tables, but we were the only people in the dining room and enjoyed a terrific meal with great service.

We had a strictly-enforced time slot at Sandringham and, after one false start, arrived at the check-in exactly on time. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable, with Christmassy music, some well-designed light features and a cup of hot mulled wine! The whole thing was superbly martialed, with excellent C-19 precautions and a well-laid out route that took us 90 minutes to complete. After a look around the gift shop (but no purchases!) we said our goodbyes and drove home.

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