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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Eleventh hour Christmas / birthday treat.

My 70th birthday is just after Christmas: something to celebrate or possibly even marvel at! However, it was predictable that the influx of selfish halfwits fleeing the capital and the South East to spend Christmas in their second homes would bring about a Tier 4 for Norfolk, so Linda and I celebrated early - and safely - by enjoying breakfast at Norwich's best restaurant, The Ivy. We spent a thoroughly wonderful hour - the veggie breakfast was outstanding, as was the service.

That's us locked indoors now until when? March? May? Well: we'll make the most of what we have - at least we have friends and customers with whom we chat most days on social media and the phone.


Steve Gale said...

70th birthday good! Tier 4 bad! Stay safe and all the best David.

David said...

Cheers Steve! You too!

Chris said...

Happy birthday and Christmas David!
When we all get this jab things will get much better - in time for spring migration hopefully!

David said...

Thanks Chris! I'm ready with my sleeve rolled up! ;)