Sunday, 28 October 2018

Early start seawatch at Cley

Leaving home before dawn, I was at Cley Coastguards by 7.30:  a large gallery had already collected and I filled the final parking space. The tide was almost at its highest and Gannets, Kittiwakes and auks were streaming past. I nearly missed the first really interesting bird: a Pomarine Skua that flew over our heads and off along the point! I managed a few distant auk shots, some of which turned out to be Little Auks: Gillies and Razors were far more numerous, and tended to be quite far out. A couple of birders kept calling out Sabine's Gull, but no-one around me latched onto anything other than immature Kittiwakes... Hundreds of Eiders swept westwards (including a flock of 26) as well as Scoter, Brents and Shelduck. Three species of Grebe headed eastward: Great Crested, Red-necked and Slavonian (the last of which I managed to photograph!) Several Short-eared Owls were called, but I couldn't pick them out: I did manage a Black Tern, however!

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