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Monday, 8 October 2018

Sea Palling Buzzard bonanza!

Older birders will remember when Common Buzzards were not only very unusual in Norfolk, but hard to see throughout the UK: how things have changed!

Linda and I had business on the East coast today, so stopped at a few 'birdy' spots on the way home. First of these was Walcott, where an Eider Duck on the sea was noteworthy, as was an oddly-patterned Shearwater / Petrel. Sadly this was too far out for proper photography, but you can get the drift from the two images below. A juvenile gull on the beach had an attractive pied bill...
Driving from Sea Palling to Waxham (where we enjoyed lunch in the Barn) we counted sixteen Buzzards, in several groups: the largest of these held six birds! Several Sparrowhawks were good to see, as were a couple of smallish flocks of Pink-footed Geese.

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