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Sunday, 14 October 2018

The International Meteorite Show: home safely!

Linda and I are back home, following an event that was, to be honest, a bit of a curate's egg. We just about scraped past our break even point, but on the other hand we met some terrific friends and acquaintances. Chief among these was our oldest friend, Paul, who spent the whole of Saturday with us, occasionally minding the stand! It was Paul who took the photos of my well-attended talk about the origin and chemistry of iron meteorites.I also did a radio interview (my 7th this year!) which was good fun!

We have a few more events this year in Norwich, Cambridge and other semi-local venues: watch this space for details! As we get older and the general interest in Science continues to wane (I mean real science!) I expect we'll rethink our commitment to long-distance sales and lectures, even though we still enjoy the craik immensely. It's a little sad to reflect on the days not long ago when conference centres and lecture theatres would sell out science-based events. I'll be interested to see how Norwich Science Week pans out...

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