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Monday, 15 October 2018

Rose-coloured Starling in Norwich

One of the online forums (fora?) has been running a thread about everybody's first twitch: one of my first in Norfolk was an adult Rose-coloured Starling (or Rosy Pastor, if you prefer!) that was coming to chips in Stalham High Street. I think it was also the first occasion on which I met Richard Millington and Steve Gantlett in the flesh: possibly Lee Evans was there too.

Since then I've seen a dozen or so individuals, but they still never fail to delight. When I heard that an adult was frequenting rooftops in a new development in Costessey (close to where Linda and I had business) we took our binoculars and cameras and stopped on the off-chance that this reportedly elusive bird might oblige. In the event, it did! We parked in a suitable spot and walked round to the small road where the bird has most frequently been seen and saw it straight away! It was, in fact, the only bird we saw during our somewhat damp ten minutes on site! Only one other birder was there to enjoy this splendid vagrant: he'd had to wait a little longer than we had, but agreed it had been worth the effort!

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