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Monday, 26 July 2021

Potter Heigham 1, Dickleburgh 0: second helpings of the Dowitcher

Even before breakfast, Linda was encouraging me to go to Dickleburgh for better views of yesterday's Dowitcher: despite no news on the pager, I went anyway. An hour later it became obvious that the bird had moved on... Nevertheless: some good craik and a few avian highlights -  Wood & Green Sandpiper together and a pair of Turtle Doves being the best.

As I was leaving, the pager chirped, revealing that the place the Dowitcher had moved on to was Potter Heigham - just a quarter of an hour from my front door! After a quick check in with Linda, I headed north, parked, crossed the road and slogged round to the far end of the marsh. On the way I added Spoonbill, Great Egret and lots of Little Egrets to the day's tally

The Dowitcher was easily viewable, but at even greater distance than last night: still, good to see and amusing to note that a couple of guys from Dickleburgh had made the trip too!

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