Saturday, 21 July 2018

Go Go Hares, Norwich and a Black Redstart

Every so often beautifully decorated animal statues appear on the streets of Norwich (and, latterly, other cities!) In the past there have been elephants, gorillas and dragons: this year it's hares!

Norfolk artists submit designs which, if successful, are sponsored by local firms: the results are almost always stunning! Norfolk schools can join in, but their Hares are somewhat smaller and in a different pose!

Maps and online apps are available to help searchers find the Hares, and people spend several days tracking down all fifty or so. This year the task has become slightly more demanding, because fifteen of the statues are located around the county in towns such as North Walsham, Fakenham and Cromer. Here are the first twenty five: ultimately I'll probably post photos of all of them!

While we were walking around the city, Linda and I frequently heard and saw Black Redstarts: I only had an 18mm - 135mm lens, so no great photos! This male was on top of John Lewis.

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