Saturday, 14 July 2018

Emeralds, Emperors, Norfolk Hawkers: the greatest little café in Norwich!

The Waterside Café at the Broadland Business Park (just off the A47) is once more playing host to a fabulous collection of dragonflies and other wildlife. On our way back from Watton (camera repaired!) we stopped off for lunch, enjoying a terrific goat's cheese Panini on the patio. During the few minutes we could spare, we saw several pairs of Emperors, some newly-emerged Emeralds, Red-eyeds and Blue-tails and a Norfolk Hawker. We also saw a Green Woodpecker!

The café is only open weekdays (until 2.00-ish) but you can walk around the small lake any time you like!

Oh! Near Pulham on the A140, we came across a Brachiosaur feeding by the roadside: must be global warming...

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