Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Mandarins at Burnham Beeches

A spur of the moment visit to Mum-in-Law in Maidenhead provided the opportunity for a visit to Burnham Beeches Country Park. To my pleasant surprise, there were just a few small family groups around the cafĂ© area, so (after a cup of tea and a Red Kite!) we walked down through the woods to the two pools. These are both heavily grown-in by water lilies and reed mace, but we quickly found two family groups of Mandarins: despite being in eclipse, the adults were still very striking birds..

Major delight was the numerous odonatids: as well as Brown and Southern Hawker, we saw several Downy Emeralds: no photos, though! At the lower pool we saw lots of Emerald Damselflies as well as a delightful Grey Wagtail.

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