Saturday, 21 July 2018

Great White Egrets at Strumpshaw Fen

Linda had booked a Bee Workshop at SF, but unfortunately it was cancelled at the last minute due to poor support. With a day free, we had a look around the Tree Fair at Strumpshaw (spending far more money than was sensible!) before stopping for a quick check at the Reserve to see if the reported Great White Egret was still around. It was! Albeit somewhat distantly, this still-enthralling heron was at the back of the Reception Broad. A couple of visitors casually mentioned that they'd seen four more in front of Tower Hide! I'm ashamed to admit I immediately assumed they'd been watching Little Egrets, but no: their cameras told a different story!

I quickly arranged for Linda to pick me up later, before hurrying round the reserve for a look. Only one GWE was immediately visible, but after a while at least three more flew in (although only two were ever together at any one time!) In the flight shot with ducks I think I can pick out a Garganey bottom left of the frame.

Other interest came in the form of a Grasshopper Warbler on the Sandy Path and a Scarce Chaser on Lackford Run.

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