Friday, 27 July 2018

The bees and garden hold their breath!

Still no hint of any potential thunderstorms in East Norfolk: the temperature outside is 28 degrees with a gentle, cooling breeze. There are lots of butterflies, including a couple of mint-fresh Painted Ladies as well as several Buzzards, including the beautifully-marked example below.

Linda's bees are enjoying the flowers - particularly the various lavenders - but are responding to the heat by 'bearding': when the hives get too warm, the bees loiter around the entrance, fanning cooler air into the combs. What amazing creatures bees are! Although the two hives are side by side and the second Queen is the daughter of the first, she must have met a nice dark male during her courtship flight, because her workers and drones are visibly darker-bodied than the original swarm!

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