Monday, 9 July 2018

Lesser Emperor at Filby Broad

Yet again Filby Broad is graced by Lesser Emperor dragonflies: I've been fortunate enough to see the species there every year for the past three or four. Having seen Murray Smith's terrific photo's on Twitter, Linda and I popped across for an hour this morning.

We tried both sides of the road, picking up White Admiral, Red-eyed Damselfly and Willow Emerald (are they known from the Trinity Broads?) as well as Grasshopper Warbler and several Common Terns.

I'm 95% sure I saw the LE: the best view was while I was giving directions to a young family on holiday, so no pictures! I'll try again ASAP! A Tornado flew across the broad: it actually had to pull up to climb over the trees!


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