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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Pied Wagtail mega-roost: and Norwich at Christmas!

OK: I'll start with the birds (for those who think I should only post wildlife images on this blog!) then follow these with some photos of the most beautiful city in the UK...

The Pied Wagtail roost has been a feature of Christmas in Norwich for as long as I can remember: this year it's established in the three trees at the river end of Prince of Wales Road. From around 4.00pm the wags began to arrive, stopping first on top of the old Green Shield Stamp shop before moving across into their chosen trees. I reckon at least 400 had gathered by the time we moved on.

There is a Christmas Fair in the old Barclay's Bank on Bank Plain all weekend: free entry, and lots of decent stuff for non-diabetics to enjoy! I attach a few photos, as well as some around the City: London Street, Castle Mound, and Gentleman's Walk.



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