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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Waxwings, Purple Sandpipers, Cattle Egret and lots more: a day on the East Coast...

An astonishing sunrise! This, I’m told, could be due to Sahara Sand!

Last trip out before Christmas for Brian and me: he hadn't seen the Ludham swans or the Cattle Egret, so we made a start with those. More Bewick's today, with a total mixed herd of 57: the Egret was much further away, though...

Heading South, we stopped at Yarmouth for more shots of the Mediterranean Gulls: some better close ups of rings today!

From there it was Ness Point, Lowestoft, where a long walk eventually found us within five metres of a confiding flock of twelve Purple Sandpipers: what lovely waders these are!

 Coffee at ASDA (but no Great Northern Diver!) before arriving at Reydon. We soon located the right road - and tree! - but the Waxwings had apparently gone, though the presence of three Sparrowhawks and a Kestrel lurking in the area might suggest a more dramatic departure!
We spent half an hour at the lovely little reserve at Hen Reedbeds, before heading homewards. Brian took a wrong turn and we ended up going via Oulton Broad. This turned out to be a great piece of good fortune, because as we drove past ALDI I spotted a flock of five Waxwings in roadside bushes. A dog-walker scared them away, but I managed a few record shots.

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