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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Two action-packed hours! Bewick's Swans, Peregrine and a Kingfisher!

Since Brian was on an extremely tight time-budget, we arranged to meet soon after dawn at Strumpshaw Fen. In the event, I was there before him, and grabbed a few Kingfisher records at Reception, as well as counting 11+ Marsh Harriers out of roost.

When Brian eventually did arrive, we spent half an hour at Fen Hide in the pleasant company of Robin Chittenden: he has a wealth of fascinating stories and kept us longer than we'd anticipated: a good thing, since we were treated to the spectacle of one of the young 'Cathedral Peregrines' harassing the Marshies!

Once Brian had taken his leave, I moved to Ludham, where some studious navigation put me in position to photograph a herd of ten or so newly-arrived Bewick's Swans, looking absolutely stunning in the golden morning sunlight...


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