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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Review of the year Part 1: it's not all about rarity-chasing (But that's fun too!)

Although it's been a great year in Norfolk for photographing the more elusive species such as Shrikes, Calidrids, rare warblers and chats, my favourite moments in 2015 have often involved more common plants, animals and astronomical events. This was the year of the eclipsed 'Super Moon', a succession of conjunctions and occultations, the first Lizard Orchid in Norfolk for fifty years and twin Harbour Seals born at Winterton...

It's also been the year I retired from space memorabilia dealing and public music performance, after fifteen years in the first case and fifty in the second! On the plus side, though, my third book was published and the meteorite sales and lectures continue to flourish.

I was looking through Twitter the other day in an attempt to find the contact details of  an old friend when I noticed my name on the tweet (?) of someone I have never met, as far as I'm aware. He described me as 'notorious'! Intrigued, I cross-linked and scrolled about a bit and discovered other adjectives I've attracted have included bizarre, dubious, infamous and questionable! Isn't it amazing that my little private blog invokes such strong reactions among a few individuals?

Anyhow: here are a few of my favourite photos of 2015: thanks to those of you who follow (and hopefully enjoy) this blog - Happy New Year, and don't forget to say hello!
Pair of Scaup at Beccles Quay
Short-eared Owl at Halvergate: part of an influx

Woodlark, Grimes Graves

Escaped Black Kite in Suffolk

Bean Geese at Minsmere

Three Turtle Doves visited our garden: two stayed to breed...

Dotterel at Choseley: beautiful birds...

One of five Hummers that visited our garden this year.

 Cley's White-rumped Sandpiper

Lesser Emperor at Ormesby

Lizard Orchid at Drayton

Dipper at Sidmouth

Great White Egret: Strumpshaw's long-stayer

Three Garganey at the Fen

White-winged Black Tern at Cantley.

Rough-legged Buzzard at Horsey Gap

Long-tailed Duck at Lackford

Hoopoe at Crostwick: an unseasonal but welcome vagrant

Cattle Egret near Sea Palling: still there today!
It was great to find my own Waxwing flock!

A rare site: the Aurora from my office window!

Col Charles Halt, with whom I lectured in June

Three books published this year: all available online!

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