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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Great White Egret at Bowthorpe Marsh

Linda's car is still undergoing transplant surgery, so I dropped her at work at 7.30: a Brent Goose flew across the southern by-pass from Whitlingham Lane, which was a surprise. I carried on to Bowthorpe to look for Waxwings: to cut a long story short, I didn't find any in a forty minute search!

Knowing that the oft-returning GWE had been seen in its usual part of the Yare Valley, I put on my boots and waded along the flooded paths towards the church. A flash of white caused momentary excitement, but it was a Little Egret. Further on, though, I climbed a mound of earth and found myself looking at the Great White: nice to renew acquaintances!

On the way home I stopped at Jenny Lind Park: no Waxwings there at the time, either, and every berry had been stripped from their preferred tree. As I drove eastwards along the A47, a flock of about 15 Waxwings flew south over the road, so perhaps they've moved on....

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