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Friday, 18 November 2016


This week the annual Winter Beer Festival is taking place at Heathlands, our local community centre. A group of us are usually asked to bring along our guitars to entertain the attendees: this year was no exception. The sax player is Jann (who took most of the photos) She and her husband Chris (with the glasses!) are semi-pro musicians: I've played with both of them many times, Chris being the drummer in my last gigging band Serious Risk.

The first photo is at the start of the evening: I'm playing Beatles songs (!) on my Fender semi. Behind me is my vintage Fender Stratocaster and 'Cube' amplifier: this gives an idea of how things developed later in the evening!

Sadly our regular bass player Colin couldn't make it due to illness, but a great time was had by all: I 'do' the heavier, bluesier stuff, while Chris, Jann, Johnnie and Ian deliver a more contemporary pop set. Free drinks and food were available to musicians, but a) I was driving (and never drink when I'm performing!) and b) I'm a vegetarian, so declined the sausage rolls and ham sandwiches!

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