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Monday, 21 November 2016

Night visit to Rendlesham Forest...

As is widely known, I guess, I have fairly unusual interests / beliefs for a scientist. As well as a life-long interest in the paranormal (see my website: Chilling Tales UK ) I have researched and written about the UFO phenomenon for many years.

Probably one of my favourite places in East Anglia is the region around Rendlesham Forest: it's fabulous for birds (Roller, Sandhill Crane, White-tailed Eagle etc) and was the site of the UK's most compelling UFO encounter. I have been fortunate enough to lecture at events in Woodbridge on a number of occasions and have collaborated on several of the excellent 'Haunted Skies' volumes, written by ex-detective John Hanson.

The Forest is still a strange place, exhibiting all kinds of unusual paranormal phenomena: Linda and I spend several nights a year prowling the trackways with infra-red cameras and nightscopes and often record images that are hard to explain. I attach a few from this weekend...

The 'mists' and orbs are genuine phenomena: we continually check that we are not photographing our own breath, and we frequently observe the orbs. Insects look entirely different, I assure you. The IR images were part of a sequence taken a minute apart: the curious 'skinny figure' appears only once: it has the same recorded temperature as I do - and no, I wasn't leaning against a tree or post!


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